Land Rover Common ECU Faults

This selection dial fails by either not rising, falling, rotating or becoming stuck in one drive mode...

This Turbo actuator fitted to the Freelander 2 and Range Rover Evoque is a very common failure that causes turbo problems and the vehicle to go into limp mode and illuminate the engine management light.

This ECU is a very common failure for the Defender TD5 2.5 that causes cutting out and fault codes For injectors.

Common Faults:
ABS light comes on
Shuttle Valve Fault code
ABS Pump fault code
Inlet/Outlet valve fault code
This is a very common failing part, if your ABS light has come on and you are getting Shuttle Valve fault codes.

Backlighting issues, no gauge operation, and the Land Rover fault code U0155-87 – lost communication with instrument cluster control, are all failure symptoms of this instrument cluster...

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