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ABS Pump Modules

ABS pumps, ABS modules and ABS ECU's, we test rebuild and supply most types of automotive ECU units, common faults cause the ABS or ESP light to remain on...

Throttle Bodies

A faulty throttle body can cause stalling cutting out and general rough running, we can test & repair most types of throttle bodies for most vehicles...


Dashboard instrument clusters are common to fail for all makes and models of vehicle, common symptoms include; incorrect reading gauges, LCD failure or complete loss of display...

Electric Power Steering

Electric power steering columns are now used in most vehicle applications, the new generation of electric steering column are prone to frequent failure...

Gearbox ECU's

Automatic transmission ECU's are used in all modern gearbox systems and can cause frequent problems causing the gearbox to default to limp mode or even prevent the vehicle engaging gears...

Turbo Actuators

Turbo actuators are used to control variable-geometry turbochargers (VGTs). Due to manufacturing defects & harsh operating conditions these turbo actuators are prone to failure...

Rating 4.89
Fiat 500 misfire on cylinder fix 5/5

Car frequently went into limp mode and despite coil packs, plugs and HT leads being replaced kept going into limp mode at dangerous times. These guys repaired and returned the ECU within 3 days to the darkest depths of Cornwall, unit fitted by myself and now the car runs nicely and no dreaded limp mode or reports of mis fires. Very quick professional service, kept updated at all stages via text and email. Would definitely use again.

Good Service 5/5

I recommend.

Amazing 5/5

My part took 5 days for testing. But they rebuild my faulty ECU. Also guide me to how to fix it on my vehicle. Thank you so much. I repaired my car 1/10 of the cost from the manufacturer.