Volvo Common ECU Faults

This is a very common failing Volvo instrument cluster that will cause complete failure of all dials and gauges, back lights and display. We are currently rebuilding customers own units with a lifetime warranty as standard...

Very common problem, causing limp mode function activation and idle speed faults.

Common fault causing the traction warning message and the fault codes: BCM-0130 Brake pressure sensor 1.

- 1996-1997 Volvo 850 with TRACS 2/4WD ABS system
- 1998-2001 Volvo C70, S70 and V70 with TRACS ABS system
- 2/4WD Volvo ABS system
- 1999 and newer Volvo S80 with ABS/STC system

ECU Type - ATE Teves

ECU location: Fitted to the back of the ABS pump (held on with four torx screws that are easily removed with a 4mm socket).

This is a very common failure on all Volvo ABS pumps built after 1995, causing the ABS light to come on along with the traction control light if fitted. When the fault codes are read there will usually be a fault code blaming the high pressure pump and/o ra fault code blaming one or more wheel speed sensors. The fault is normally always the ABS module when these faults occur.

It is worth noting that the ABS module can be removed and the pump left in place thus allowing the vehicle to be driven with normal braking (no ABS).

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