Frequently Asked Questions.

I want my unit tested/rebuilt. How do I go about this?

To get your unit tested/rebuilt, you will need to fill out this test form and select your preferred shipping method, your unit is then booked in to our workshop and will be collected directly from you.

How much is the testing fee?

The testing fee is $70.

Is the test fee waived if the unit is rebuilt?

We waive the test fee if your unit is faulty and you decide to go-ahead with the rebuild. Similarly, if we test your unit and it turns out to be too badly damaged to be rebuilt then we also waive the test fee.

What are your shipping fees?

We do not charge for the collection of your unit, only the return shipping. The return shipping fee within the U.S. is $50 for most items. If your unit is unusually heavy then we will quote you for the return shipping costs before sending.

Do you arrange the collection of my unit?

We can arrange the collection of your unit, simply select your preferred collection date when filling in your test form.

Does my unit need reprogramming once it has been repaired?

Nearly all items that we test/rebuild will not require programming work once you receive your unit back – simply refit and away you go. In some rare cases (if we must replace software due to corruption) there may be programming required, but we will advise you of this and how to perform the programming if this is the case.

How long is the warranty?

All rebuilds are covered by an unlimited mileage Lifetime Warranty*.

If I fit a replacement unit to the vehicle and it turns out something else was causing the problem, am I entitled to return the working unit and claim a full refund?

If you purchase a replacement unit and it turns out that something else was causing the problem, then in most cases you can simply return the item in full working order and we will refund the item in full. In some cases, the unit we supply will be programmed specifically for your vehicle, if this is so, then we would deduct the cost of reprogramming/resetting the unit from the refund.

Are you able to test/rebuild with my part number?

If you want to check if we can test/rebuild your part number, then simply enter your part number in the part number search field above. If your part number return no results then you can also manually search the product catalogue by vehicle make, model and part type. If you are still unable to find your unit then please contact us.

Do you work weekends?

We do not open during weekends.

Do you offer a removal and refitting service?

We are a specialist electronics rework company; therefore, we do not offer a removal and refitting service. You will need to arrange for your unit removed and refitted to the vehicle.

Can I bring the car down to you?

Because we do not offer a removal or refitting service, it is not possible to bring the car down to us. You will need to arrange for the unit to be removed and refitted independently.

Can I get my unit test/rebuilt on the same day if I drop it off directly?

We have no drop-off facilities available therefore it is not possible for your unit to be tested/rebuilt on the day.

How do you test the units?

We test control units using bespoke HIL (Hardware In-the-loop) test-rigs, these rigs are designed to simulate all running conditions on the vehicle and use real world loads.

Can you test the units at operating temperature?

We can test all units at or beyond normal operating temperatures. If you require your unit testing for a prolonged period at a specific temperature then please ensure you inform us of this when you fill out your test form.

I have a different billing address to the shipment address can I get my unit sent somewhere else?

We can arrange for your rebuilt unit to be sent to a different shipping address if required. If you are purchasing a replacement unit from stock then we may need to ensure that we are sending to a confirmed shipping address.

I have looked on the website but can’t find my part are you still able to test?

If you cannot find your part on our website, then we may still be able to help as not all parts numbers we work with can be listed. Contact us with your part number if you are unable to find your part listed.

Can I order a part by providing a VIN/Chassis or registration number?

We will need the part number that is printed on your part to order a replacement unit from stock, sometimes we may also ask for the chassis or registration number to confirm programming options.

If your question is not covered here then please contact us for further advice.