Nissan Common ECU Faults

This ABS pump is a very common problem for all Qashqai vehicles from 2007 - 2013 and will cause the ABS light to come on with the pump motor running all the time. Common fault codes include: C1110 – ABS actuator and electric unit & C1111 – ABS pump motor failure. If you have both fault codes stored, then it is very likely that your ABS pump/module has failed. We can rebuild your own unit with an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty.

Very common problem with the Nissan Micra year 2000 onwards, causes power loss and sometimes stalling or revving problems. Nissan moved on to using the Bosch type throttle body for the later Micra's in an effort to get rid of the problems they had with the older style throttle body used on the earlier K11 Micra, but it seems they have made the problem worse as the Bosch versions seems to be failing more often than the old version did. We can supply these throttle bodies from stock with Lifetime* warranty.

Malfunction of the VP44 diesel pump EDC will prevent the vehicle from starting, this is an extremely common problem...

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