Audi S-Tronic mechatronic fault

Audi S-Tronic transmission fault

Seven speed longitudinal Direct Shift Gearbox (DL501).

This S-Tronic transmission unit fitted to high performance Audi’s, with the 0B5 DL501 Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG), is a very common failing mechatronic control unit.

Internal component breakdown of the S-Tronic mechatronic control unit will cause a multitude of symptoms on the vehicle beginning with the illumination of the EPC (Electronic Power Control) and PRNDS warning lights. The running symptoms that a fault within this mechatronics unit will cause include limp home mode, harsh gear change and erratic gear selection. As the S-Tronic/0B5 gearbox mechatronics failure advances, these symptoms progress further into critical transmission failure: sticking in gear, deactivation of half of the gears, no reverse or gears above first.

When diagnosing the failure using scan tools you will find a myriad of fault codes relating to electrical valve faults, implausible signals and selectors not being regulated. All of which may clear but will return straight away or after a very short drive/attempt to drive.


Typically, when dealing with these Audi S-Tronic gearbox problems, most folk will seek to purchase an expensive replacement or repair kit direct from the manufacturer, which will also incur coding fees. The glaring problem with this method is that the manufacturer of this mechatronic control unit has not yet resolved the root cause of failure at factory level, meaning that all replacements and repair kit components still have the underlying defects that will cause malfunction, usually outside the short one-year manufacturer warranty.


We offer an enhanced remedy to get you back on the road: a fully re-engineered solution for all S-Tronic/0B5 mechatronic control units. Replacing common failing components with our own re-engineered versions, our mechatronic repair will outlast and outperform any original or replacement OEM part, so much so that we will provide an unlimited mile Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind. All of this within 2-3 working days


*Can’t find your part number? Select your model below to check our full transmission ECU catalogue for:

Common Failure symptoms:

  • No reverse gear
  • No gears above 1st
  • Gears sticking
  • No gears at all
  • Limp home mode
  • Harsh gear change
  • Jerking / behaving erratically

Common fault codes:

  • P0726 – RPM Signal Of Engine Control Unit (Implausible Signal)
  • P173C – Valve 1 In Sub-gearbox 1 (Electrical Fault)
  • P173F – Valve 2 In Sub-gearbox 1 (Electrical Fault)
  • P1740 – Clutch Temperature Monitoring
  • P174A – Valve 3 In Sub-gearbox 1 (Electrical Fault)
  • P174B – Valve 4 In Sub-gearbox 1 (Electrical Fault)
  • P174C – Valve 1 In Sub-gearbox 2 (Electrical Fault)
  • P174C – Valve 2 In Sub-gearbox 2 (Electrical Fault)
  • P174E – Valve 3 In Sub-gearbox 2 (Electrical Fault)
  • P174F – Valve 4 In Sub-gearbox 2 (Electrical Fault)
  • P176A – Gear Actuator/Selector 1 (Not Adjustable)
  • P176A – Selector 1 Cannot Be Regulated
  • P176B – Selector 2 Cannot Be Regulated
  • P176B – Gear Actuator/Selector 2 (Not Adjustable)
  • P179C – Main Pressure Valve (Electrical Fault)
  • P179D – Cooling Oil Valve (Electrical Fault)
  • P17D4 – Valve 2 in Sub-gearbox 1 (Mechanical Malfunction)
  • P17D4 – Valve 3 In Sub-gearbox 1 (Mechanical Malfunction)
  • P17D5 – Valve 3 in Sub-gearbox 2 (Mechanical Malfunction)
  • P17D6 – Clutch 1 Pressure Too High
  • P17D7 – Clutch 2 Pressure Too High
  • P17D8 – Torque Limitation Due To Clutch Temperature
  • P17E0 – Gear Actuator 1 Mechanical Error
  • P17E0 – Gear Actuator/Selector 1 (Mechanical Error)


Test and rebuild:

Each S-Tronic mechatronic control unit is comprehensively tested on our bespoke Hardware In-the-Loop testing rigs under real-world loads and driving conditions both before and after the rebuild to ensure that the rebuilt unit will meet, even exceed, manufacturer specifications. Using only our re-engineered versions of OEM components every rebuilt 0B5 mechatronic unit will outlast the vehicle it is fitted back into.



All programming information is retained during test and rebuild, once the S-Tronic/0B5 mechatronic is re-installed there will be no need for costly programming



Our strict quality control: encompassing testing, components and workmanship will ensure only the highest level of work is carried out to meet our lifetime warranty standards. Due to our extremely high standards we work very closely with dealerships and specialists, offering a better solution to replacement.



Lifetime unlimited mileage*


How do I get my unit rebuilt?

To pay for the rebuild select your vehicle or part number above and then click: Get yours rebuilt

Print the payment/booking confirmation email.

Package the Audi S-Tronic mechatronic inside a sturdy box with plenty of packaging material (make sure you include your confirmation email in the box).

Send us your package by tracked courier (the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email).

Once received we will test, rebuild and return your S-Tronic mechatronic with an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty. (if your unit turns out not to be faulty then we will refund your payment less a small testing fee and return shipping)


What if I don’t want to pay up front?

This is not a problem, if you prefer this option then follow the following steps:

Fill in and submit this test form.

Print the booking confirmation email.

Package the S-Tronic/0B5 mechatronic inside a sturdy box with plenty of packaging material (make sure you include your confirmation email in the box).

Send us your package by tracked courier (the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email).

Once received, we will test your Audi mechatronic and call you to advise on the outcome of testing, if your unit is faulty and you choose to go ahead with the rebuild then we will take payment over the phone using a debit/credit card.

We will then rebuild your transmission ECU / S-Tronic unit and return it to you with an unlimited mileage warranty.

If you require further information regarding this Audi S-Tronic mechatronic repair then please contact us.

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Comments on "Audi S-Tronic mechatronic fault"
Steve Jordan says: 16/09/2023 13:02:09
Good Evening. I have a 2016 Porsche Macan. I believe they run the OB5 mechatronic unit, is this correct? Our Macan has both the engine control fault and the possible r gear fault. We have no reverse gear and only gears 1, 3 and 5 when pushed. I am in Australia and will be taking the car to our mechanic tomorrow, but I would love to have an alternative to just replacing the gearbox. Is this something you can help with? Cheers Steve
ECU Admin says: 18/09/2023 10:02:11
Hi Steve, we can certainly take a look at that for you. To get started just follow the instructions here:
Frety says: 10/07/2023 15:51:02
Hi I have a Audi S6 C7 from 2013 i'm having some problems with reverse gear Aldo have a P176B CODE, can you repair This mechatronic?
ECU Admin says: 10/07/2023 16:43:45
Hi, send us us an email with your part number and we can take a look into this for you. contact us
Mark Matthews says: 18/01/2023 01:11:12
HI, My name is Mark Matthews and I live in Sydney Australia My q5 has started to get a problem with reversing when stopped on on a hill - if its a steep hill like a carpark ramp it won't reverse or rolls forward Audi have tested it and reset some error and it now reverses but not if its a steep incline Can you provide a repair kit and send it to Australia ? Or can I ship the Metronic unit to you for review and repair (not sure how heavy it is or how much it will cost to ship to the UK? )
ECU Admin says: 18/01/2023 09:37:07
Hi, we offer an international service for all of our rebuild options. To get started please complete our Test Form here:
GODFREY says: 14/12/2022 18:29:21
hI, I have an error P17E1 00 (096)- Mechanical Mulfunction. 9708 Sensor for gear actuator. Audi Q5 2009 model, automatic 2.0 TFSI Kindly advise how much the rebuild can cost me and how long. I live in Zambia Thanks Godfrey
ECU Admin says: 16/12/2022 11:38:50
Hi, for prices and shipping information please see the following page:
Aaron says: 03/12/2022 13:05:26
Hi I have Audi a5 3.0tdi with the OB5 box. I currently have a fault code P17D700 is this a fault with the mechatronics that will be resolved with a rebuild?
ECU Admin says: 05/12/2022 10:58:11
Hi – we’ve certainly seen that fault code on a faulty mechatronic. But to get to the bottom of your mechatronic woes, we'll need to give it a thorough test. Select your vehicle and part number above for full price and shipping details
Mohsen Saad says: 14/08/2022 11:27:18
Hi, I have 2009 Q5 Audi 3.2 L engine I have this codes (P174B00-P174F00-P179C00-P179D00) please confirm if mechatronic is required to rebuilt to fix the issue of transmission please note that car not moving in safe mode. Please let me know thanks.
ECU Admin says: 15/08/2022 10:07:35
Hi Mohsen - you appear to have the common fault codes listed in our common fault codes section. We can resolve this issue for you, just send in your unit for test and rebuild
Mark says: 19/07/2022 14:39:35
Are the costs associated with this Mechatronic rebuild Maximum costs or could there be further cost depending on issues found? Thanks
ECU Admin says: 20/07/2022 09:36:34
Hi Mark, the prices you see on our website are the prices you’d pay, with no hidden costs.
Doug Kilgore says: 15/05/2022 13:42:38
Hi / I have a 2012 S5 Cabriolet 3.0 with the DSG and 53K miles. Dealer believe mechatronics issue. Are you still in business? Posts are a few years old.
ECU Admin says: 16/05/2022 09:58:56
We can certainly help with that. To get started please complete our test form
Rowen says: 01/05/2022 19:56:48
What's is the total cost to rebuild my Audi A3 7speed megatronics
ECU Admin says: 03/05/2022 10:02:36
Hi Rowen, for prices and shipping information please see the following link:
bander says: 28/04/2022 00:03:25
Audi a7 2014 code appears and stops working gear 1-3-7-5 What is the reason P17D400
ECU Admin says: 28/04/2022 09:45:20
Hi - this is often caused by a faulty S-Tronic unit. We can test your unit with a view to rebuild if faulty
owen adonis says: 10/09/2020 19:54:47
very help full . will def use service
Dritan says: 11/02/2020 22:18:51
Hello i have an audi a7 2013 OB5 gearbox how much do you need to repair mechatronics
ECU Admin says: 12/02/2020 10:51:31
Hi Dritan, for prices and shipping information please select your part number above, or from this following list:
Henrik says: 29/10/2019 10:52:44
Hi! I have an Audi A4 Allroad B8 2.0 TFSI. The mechatronic unit is identified as OB5927156F but I can't seem to find this model on your site. Would it be possible to get this unit rebuilt?
ECU Admin says: 06/11/2019 15:26:25
Hi Henrik, when looking at the part numbers on your S-Tronic mechatronic, above and usually to the left will be another part number. This is the one to search on. In the case of 0B5927156F the parent part number is 0B5927256B – information on testing and rebuild for this can be found here:
Christopher Kinyua says: 28/10/2019 18:55:20
Can i ship my unit from Nairobi. Kenya ?
ECU Admin says: 06/11/2019 15:27:45
Hi Christopher, you are more than welcome to ship us your unit, we can ship back to locations around the globe.
Kamlesh Patel says: 27/10/2019 18:07:28
I have Audi 2012 A4 and a gearbox message randomly shows up stating continue driving with limited functionality. Dealership checked all stored codes and said p0753 only with a recommendation to replace mechatronic unit. Please help. Thanks.
ECU Admin says: 06/11/2019 16:02:33
Hi Kamlesh, it looks as though you have the Multitronic CVT gearbox not the S-Tronic mechatronic DL501. For further information on your fault please see the following:
Heather cook says: 01/10/2019 19:02:34
My 2014 Q5 has a no reverse warning (drive forward only but struggles to go into gear). The TPMS warning and engine diagnostic lights also came on. Please can you help.
Tracey says: 31/10/2019 21:30:16
Hi, I have the same car year of manufacturing and problem. The specialist garage are getting back to me tomorrow as their fault machine is saying replace gearbox.
ECU Admin says: 06/11/2019 14:56:25
Hi Tracey, we can certainly help if it turns out to be a mechatronic problem, just select your vehicle and part number above for more information.
ECU Admin says: 03/10/2019 09:51:09
Hi Heather, we should be able to help you out. We recommend scanning the vehicle for fault codes to see what is being logged. After that select your part for rebuild here:
Dominique Thorpe says: 24/09/2019 01:58:57
Hi. I have a 10 s4. When the car is cold. The transmission runs perfectly. When it get to normal operating temperature it goes in limp mode and I lose 1,3,5 and 7. Sometimes reverse. The code that I get is. P0750. I also heard about the temperature sensor inside of the tcm goes bad because of these models do not have aux cooler.
ECU Admin says: 24/09/2019 10:09:00
Hi Dominique, we can test your S-Tronic ECU and rebuild if required. Please select your part number from the following list to begin:
Paul wainwright says: 15/09/2019 13:41:47
Hi Im getting the fault light warning gearbox malfunction ok to drive parking brake and TPMS fault light as well leave the vehicle for about 15 minutes and alls ok again the vehicle has had a new unit fitted about 2 years ago and has come back again can you help me please Regards Paul
ECU Admin says: 16/09/2019 10:01:18
Hi Paul, it would be beneficial to scan the vehicle for stored and current fault codes. This will help determine exactly where the fault lies. If you would like us to look into the fault codes once you have them then please do not hesitate to contact us:
Paul Weckerly says: 14/09/2019 04:44:32
Hello. I live in California. My 2012 Audi s5 has rough shifting back into 1st gear when slowing down. I brought it to a transmission repair shop that told me I need a new mechatronics unit, for about $3600USD. Do you recommend shipping the unit to you for a repair? Can I do that from the USA at a reasonable cost? Thanks. Paul
ECU Admin says: 16/09/2019 10:04:55
Hi Paul, we can certainly test your S-Tronic with a view to repair, we work for customers around the globe so this will not be a problem. For prices and shipping information please see the following link
Zidhaan says: 29/08/2019 20:07:58
Hi I have a problem with my Audi Q5 its a 2.0 TFSI Quattro I cannot get reverse and 1.3.5 can I send my unit to be rebuilt
ECU Admin says: 30/08/2019 09:16:58
Hi Zidhaan, you are more than welcome to send your Audi A5 S-Tronic unit to us. Just select your part number above or complete our test form:
Centro Automotivo Ricar says: 29/08/2019 13:52:20
Hello, I have an A7 and the car didn't gave me the "Gearbox malfunction - you can continue driving" but it suddenly stopped. Tracking the engine I got the following codes, P235300, P072600, P17E100, P17E000, P17D800, P17D400, P17D500. This can be already a problem with the mechatronic module or this codes can be caused by other failure in the gearbox?
ECU Admin says: 29/08/2019 15:22:16
Hi, as you can see from the fault code list above, we have seen many of these fault codes caused by a faulty mechatronic unit. We can fully test your unit should you wish to send it to us, just click on your part number above or complete our test form:
Luis Moreno says: 24/07/2019 21:21:04
My car is not listed. ? It's a A3 8v 2015. Transmission malfunction: you can continue driving. Dealer says it's a mechatronic failure, even though it's just a 4 and a half years old car. I live in the Dominican Republic ny the way. Any inputs?
ECU Admin says: 25/07/2019 09:26:23
Hi Luis, it sounds as though you may have a faulty DSG-6 mechatronics unit, see this page for the DSG-6:
Yuichirou Taguchi says: 13/07/2019 14:24:30
Hello. I have A6 transmission trouble. VIN WAUZZZ4G7CN093886 trouble code P174B00. P176B00.P17D800.P17D400.P17D600 P17D700. Can you repair this mechatronic?
ECU Admin says: 15/07/2019 10:50:52
Hi Yuichirou, we have seen some of those fault codes before on faulty mechatronic units, we would need to fully test your mechatrinic to for sure if it is faulty, to see full price and shipping information then select your vehicle and mechatronics part number in the description above.
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