VW 01276 ABS Hydraulic Pump Explained

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Understanding the VW 01276 – ABS Hydraulic Pump Fault:

Commonly affecting Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and Seat vehicles, the 01276 – ABS Hydraulic Pump fault code indicates a failing anti-lock braking system (ABS), which will cause a range of issues for VAG group drivers.

The VW 01276 fault will be indicated by a persistent ABS warning light on the vehicle’s dashboard, alongside other warning lights such as the ESP, brake, and traction control light. While the 01276 – ABS Hydraulic Pump fault will not be immediately apparent under normal driving conditions, when the emergency braking system is activated, the ABS will fail to engage.


What Causes the ABS to Malfunction?

Modern vehicles rely on the anti-lock braking system, or ABS, to ensure emergency braking safety. These efficient systems consist of three key components: the ABS module, hydraulic unit, and motor, by preventing the wheels from locking up, the ABS protects the driver when the brakes are suddenly applied. Although the VW 01276 fault code indicates a fault with the hydraulic pump motor of the ABS unit, there are other causes of this failure.

While earlier ABS units commonly experience internal hydraulic pump faults, most modern variations are primarily affected by failures in the electronic components that impact the ABS module. Depending on the type of failure, diagnostic equipment will typically discover stored fault codes indicating a fault in the ABS, the 01276 – ABS Hydraulic Pump fault is an example of this. These malfunctions are a result of design flaws within the internal circuits, initially manifesting as intermittent issue that can rapidly deteriorate, leading to the complete failure of the ABS unit.

The ABS module can develop faults for several reasons, in particular, manufacturing defects will cause the module to become prone to early failures. Furthermore, any electrical problems within the vehicle, like powers spikes or voltage, will damage the internal electronic components. Prolonged stress on these components will degrade their quality over time, resulting in the internal failure of the ABS module.


Rebuilding your ABS

We offer a comprehensive solution that resolves the VW 01276 – ABS Hydraulic Pump issue with your ABS unit. Our technicians will rebuild your ABS within 2-3 working days, eliminating the original design flaw, and keeping your expenses at a minimum.


Vehicles and Systems Affected by the 01276 – ABS Hydraulic Pump Fault:











VAG group vehicles built between 2005-2018 are likely to suffer from ABS failure, resulting in the VW 01276 – ABS Hydraulic Pump fault code being stored in diagnostics. If you have a Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, or Seat model built between these years, Click Here to learn how to get your ABS rebuilt within 2-3 working days.














If you have a VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat vehicle manufactured between 2000-2013, and are experiencing a persistent ABS light and the VW 01276 fault code, you can get your ABS rebuilt with us.













Volkswagen Transporter (T5) and VW Touareg models built between 2003-2010 are affected by the 01276 – ABS Hydraulic Pump fault code. Click Here to learn how to get your faulty ABS rebuilt.





ABS Pump Failure Symptoms – How To Test And Fix!


Test and rebuild:

All ABS units are tested in our custom-made Hardware In-The Loop testing rigs that simulate realistic driving conditions, environments, and loads, once the ABS has been identified as faulty, it will be rebuilt with components at a higher quality than standard.



Most ABS units are pre-coded by the manufacturer to that particular vehicle, during the test and rebuilding process all original programming is retained, meaning the ABS will be ready to go as soon as you get it back.



Because of our high standard of quality and rigorous quality assurance process, our defect rate is lower than 0.49%, we have become the trusted provider of quality rebuilds for a wide range of main franchise dealerships and specialists throughout the world.



Lifetime unlimited mileage*


How do I get my unit rebuilt?

To pay for the rebuild click the Shop Now link above, select your part number and click: Get yours rebuilt.

Print the payment/booking confirmation email.

Package the ABS pump and module inside a sturdy box with plenty of packaging material (make sure you include your confirmation email in the box).

Send us your package by tracked courier (the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email).

Once received we will test, rebuild and return your ABS unit with an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty. (if your unit turns out not to be faulty then we will refund your payment less a small testing fee and return shipping)


What if I don’t want to pay up front?

This is not a problem, if you prefer this option then follow the following steps:

Fill in and submit this test form.

Print the booking confirmation email.

Package the ABS inside a sturdy box with plenty of packaging material (make sure you include your confirmation email in the box).

Send us your package by tracked courier (the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email).

Once received, we will test your ABS pump and call you to advise on the outcome of testing, if your unit is faulty and you choose to go ahead with the rebuild then we will take payment over the phone using a debit/credit card.

We will then rebuild your ABS unit and return it to you with an unlimited mileage warranty.

If you require further information regarding this ABS pump and module then please contact us.

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