Mini Power Steering Pump Failure

Mini Power Steering Pump Failure

Mini Power Steering Pump Failure

We are now rebuilding Mini Power Steering Pumps with a lifetime warranty.
This is a very common problem for all BMW MINI cars built between 2001 and 2007, the fault will normally start with a noise from the power steering pump area eventually followed by sudden complete failure of the motor - when the motor fails it will result in a total loss of power assisted steering. This can prove to be very unnerving when driving as the steering will become very heavy.

We can remanufacture you own unit and provide a lifetime warranty - when we rebuild your MINI power steering pump we use higher specification components than standard thus eliminating the original design flaw. A new unit from BMW MINI can be very expensive and they only give a 1 year warranty with the part.

We can also supply replacement units when in stock.

Common failure symptoms:
Noisy power steering pump
Complete loss of power steering
If left long enough the steering motor/pump can overheat

We have rebuilt many of these steering pumps for both main dealer and independent specialists so you can be assured of our very high standard of work.

Lifetime* unlimited mileage.

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