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Audi TT 1.8 - 3.2 TURBO Dashboard Instrument Cluster - Part No: 8N2920980 / 990700120710084

OEM no: 990700120710084 / 008AUZ5Z0YD012042D / 0905 220 009X / 0905220009X / 8N2920930A / 8N2920930 A / 8N1920980A / 8N1920930E / 8N2920910A / 8N1920900 - Audi TT - Dashboard Instrument Cluster
Rating 5.00

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Vehicle Details:

MakeAudi ModelTT Engine Size:1.8 - 3.2 SpecificationTURBO Year1998 - 2006

Common Faults:

This is a very common failure for the Audi TT instrument cluster - the common faults we see include the fuel and temp gauge giving incorrect readings. Other faults include complete loss of digital display on the speedometer, chattering needles, pulsing instrument panel lights or complete dash failure. If I purchase this will it cure my fault?

Part Numbers:

VM no: 8N2920980 / 8N2920930C / 09053269808 / 8N2920980A / 8N29209300C / 8N1919860C / 8N2920980D / 8N2920910C / 8N1920860J / 8N1920930C / 8N1920880C / 8N2919930B / 8N1919880E / 8N2920950 / 8N1920930Q / 8N1920880H / 8N1920930M / 8N1920930J / 8N1920980E / 8N2920930G / 8N2920950A / 8N1920880D / 8N1919930B / 8N1920930Q / 8N1 920 930 Q / OEM no: 990700120710084 / 008AUZ5Z0YD012042D / 0905 220 009X / 0905220009X / 8N2920930A / 8N2920930 A / 8N1920980A / 8N1920930E / 8N2920910A / 8N1920900


Lifetime Warranty*, unlimited mileage
Product Code: DAC920980


Excellent Service 5/5

The repair of my Instrument Cluster was done promptly. The reinstallation instructions were very helpful and everything on the panel; tachometer, speedometer, LCD display is now working perfectly. The most surprising fact was that the technician called me to discuss the repair and whether I had any questions. I am from the USA and it was great to hear the British accent. Highly recommended by me.

Fast and professional 5/5

A great, and cheaper, alternative to what the dealer would charge thousands for dollars to do. If Audi even still made this part🙄 Shipping was straight forward, and they completed the job in just a few days. No re-coding was necessary, just plugged it in and drove away. Thank you for your help

Like new 5/5

Sent my dash off as it was missing pixels and showing over heating but the car was not.dash fixed as new longest thing was posting as I live in Jersey would recommend to anyone with similar problems to use ecu testing I did not have any problems and was updated all thr way by email and text

Absolutely Incredible 5/5

What no one in the US would do, ECU Testing did in days. They easily saved me $1500. Easy shipping, great customer service updates, fast and complete fix for my instrument cluster.

Fast and professional 5/5

I highly recommend EcuTesting. They were extremely helpful over the phone, dealt with the dashboard instrument cluster quickly. Thank you.

Fast and Friendly 5/5

Thanks Still can’t believe how fast my cluster gage was repaired!!

One to trust! 5/5

This was the second time the instrument cluster had failed on my Audi TT. The first time I paid a lot of money to a local ‘specialist’ and got a pretty shoddy job. A few years later when it failed again, and I couldn’t sell the car as a result, I decided to try and fix it myself. ECU had good reviews so I gave them a ago. I’m so glad I did. They were ultra professional throughout, the unit was returned quickly and was like new! Brilliant!!

Excellent job wonderful service 5/5

I had a terrible cluster that 3 of 4 gauges were dead or malfinctioning, my pixels in the center was rubbish as well. It was a 1 week turn around and all reported issues were fixed. I appreciate them and their job well done. International USA customer here.


Audi TT - OEM no: 8J0920980C / 8J0 920 980 C / 8J0920980E / 8J0 920 980 E / 8J0920980F / 8J0 920 980 F / 8J0920980HX / 8J0 920 980 HX / 8J0920980TX / 8J0 920 980 TX / 8J0920930E / 8J0 920 930 E / 8J0920980S / 8J0 920 980 S / 8J0920990NX / 8J0 920 990 NX

Part Number:

8J0920980H / 8J0920980C

Audi TT

Engine Size: 1.8 - 3.2

Years: 2006 - 2014

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