Renault Clio 1.5 dCi ECU – Common problem

Renault Clio engine ECU fault


This engine ECU (DCM1.2) is a very common failure for Renault vehicles fitted with the 1.5 dCi engine built between 2002 & 2015.

The common symptom is complete non starting with no communications via diagnostic. You may also have the immobiliser light on all the time and the coolant fan constantly running, the main relay will also not function when the ECU is faulty.


This ECU is very expensive when purchased directly from the manufacturer, we are able to rebuild your own unit for a fraction of the cost of new and we give an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty with every rebuild.


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Common Failure symptoms:

  • No engine start
  • No communications to the ECU
  • Inactive main relay


Affected Vehicles:

  • Renault Clio III (2005-2014)
  • Renault Kangoo I & II (2004-2012)
  • Renault Megane II (2002-2009)
  • Renault Modus (2004-2012)



Test and rebuild:

First, we test your ECU on our purpose built HIL (Hardware In-the-Loop) test rig, this allows us to run your ECU exactly as if it was running on the vehicle under all driving conditions. Once we have identified that your ECU is faulty, we then go on to the rebuild stage – during this stage we replace all the common failing components with higher rated versions and correct the original design flaw, this is how we are able to give such a long warranty period. Once your ECU has been rebuilt, we then test it again on the HIL rig to ensure it is functioning as new. We then ship it back to you, ready to be fitted back on to the vehicle.



All programming is retained during test and rebuild, meaning that once you receive it back you can just plug and play.



Due to our very high Lifetime Warranty standards, encompassing testing, components, workmanship and ESD safety, we have been the number one choice for main dealerships and specialists around the globe for many years.



Lifetime unlimited mileage*


How do I get my unit rebuilt?

To pay for the rebuild select your part number above and then click: Get yours rebuilt

Print the payment/booking confirmation email.

Package the Renault Clio engine ECU inside a sturdy box with plenty of packaging material (make sure you include your confirmation email in the box).

Send us your package by tracked courier (the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email).

Once received we will test, rebuild and return your engine ECU with an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty. (if your unit turns out not to be faulty then we will refund your payment less a small testing fee and return shipping)


What if I don’t want to pay up front?

This is not a problem, if you prefer this option then follow the following steps:

Fill in and submit this test form.

Print the booking confirmation email.

Package the Renault Clio engine ECU inside a sturdy box with plenty of packaging material (make sure you include your confirmation email in the box).

Send us your package by tracked courier (the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email).

Once received, we will test your engine ECU and call you to advise on the outcome of testing, if your unit is faulty and you choose to go ahead with the rebuild then we will take payment over the phone using a debit/credit card.

We will then rebuild your engine ECU and return it to you with an unlimited mileage warranty.

If you require further information regarding this Renault Clio engine ECU, then please contact us.

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Comments on "Renault Clio 1.5 dCi ECU – Common problem"
Cecil Smith says: 21/11/2020 10:26:01
I have a 2009 clio 1.5 in liverpool im in Belfast car it not starting and talking to ecu
ECU Admin says: 23/11/2020 10:06:15
Hi Cecil, looks like you are experiencing common engine ECU failure. We can help if you would like to send us your ECU, just select your part number from the following:
Lucky says: 17/05/2020 14:31:40
Hie im in SA i have a problem with renult megane 2 sport it doeznt start at all the immobilizer stays on and the fan jys runs continuously
ECU Admin says: 18/05/2020 09:28:27
Hi Lucky, we can offer test with a view to repair if you would like to send us your engine ECU. Just find your part number on the following Renault Megane ECU page:
Kos says: 23/08/2019 04:53:57
Hi! I have one Renault Master2.3 2011 with these faults: -fuel flow regulator -mass air flow sensor -camshaft sensor -turbo charge solenoid valve.All permanent.The engine doesn't start.Can be ECU faulty? Thanks! -
ECU Admin says: 27/08/2019 10:46:11
Hi Kos, often sensor faults can be caused by a faulty ECU we can test you ECU to see if it is causing your faults for you. Please select your ECU from the following list to get started:
Wilkins says: 09/08/2019 09:27:06
I am in south Africa. Can you do this service for us? And also can you do the keys if you have the ecu with the key card
ECU Admin says: 09/08/2019 09:40:23
Hi Wilkins, yes we can help you, we ship worldwide. There is no need to send the key – just send the ECU to us. Just select your part number above and then click Get yours rebuilt or alternatively complete the test form and send your Clio ECU into us:
Charles Pedrick says: 30/07/2019 18:45:27
Does the Nissan Note 2009 with the Renault built engine 1.5 dCi have the same ECU problem that the Renault range have ? Regards
ECU Admin says: 31/07/2019 09:56:43
Hi Charles, that’s correct the note is also fitted with this system type, more information can be found here:
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