Honda Civic semi-automatic transmission problems caused by faulty clutch actuator.

Honda Civic clutch actuator repair

Honda civic semi-automatic transmission problems caused by faulty clutch actuator.


Failure of the Honda Civic semi-automatic clutch actuator will cause multiple gearbox problems, often beginning with ‘N’ flashing in the gear position indicator and the constant illumination of the transmission / i-Shift fault light.

While the vehicle is running, internal failure of the clutch actuator will cause the gearbox to drop out of selected gear and will prevent further selection of gears.

Ultimate failure of the Honda Civic clutch actuator will prevent the vehicle from starting all together and will remain this way until the fault is rectified.


If you have access to diagnostic tools or have had a mechanic diagnose your Civic semi-automatic transmission problems, you will likely have seen fault codes logged in the clutch actuator for: clutch operation problem or neutral position / shift change actuator position learning.


The vast majority of the i-Shift gearbox and actuator components are not serviceable at garage level. Due to this, when trying to rectify faults, an expensive new clutch actuator from the manufacturer will be ordered which will also require coding and gearbox learning at an extra expense.

We offer a better solution to this – we can test and rebuild your Honda Civic clutch actuator within 2-3 working days and return it to you without the need for expensive coding. Unlike the short one-year manufacturer warranty – we will provide you with an unlimited mile lifetime warranty as standard.


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Common Failure symptoms:

  • Loss of gears / not going into gear
  • No drive
  • No start
  • ‘N’ flashing in gear display
  • Transmission / i-Shift fault light


Common fault codes:

  • P0810 – Clutch Operation Problem / Clutch Position Problem
  • P19FC – Shift Change Actuator Position Learning Not Complete
  • P1919 – Neutral Position Learning Time Out
  • P0909 – Neutral Position Learned Value Out Of Range


Affected Vehicles:

  • Honda Civic (8th generation) 2006 – 2012
  • Honda CR-V (3rd generation) 2006 – 2012
  • Honda Jazz (2nd generation) 2008 – 2015


(Can’t see your part number? Please check our full clutch actuator catalogue for Civic, CR-V or Jazz)


Test and rebuild:

In order to identify all internal Honda Civic clutch actuator problems we rigorously test the actuators on our bespoke HIL (Hardware-In-the-Loop) test rigs. When our technicians move onto the rebuild stage, we strip down the actuator and replace components with those that are higher rated than standard. Post rebuild testing is performed on the actuator to ensure that the unit meets and exceeds OEM standards.



No programming is required when you receive this unit back from us, all coding is retained during test and rebuild.



Our very high lifetime warranty standards ensures that the best quality rebuilds reach our customers around the globe: encompassing workmanship, components, testing and ESD safety. With a work defect rate lower than 0.49% across all our rebuilds you can be sure that rebuild is the best option.



Lifetime unlimited mileage*


How do I get my unit rebuilt?

To pay for the rebuild select your part number above and click: Get yours rebuilt

Print the payment/booking confirmation email.

Package the Honda Civic clutch actuator inside a sturdy box with plenty of packaging material (make sure you include your confirmation email in the box).

Send us your package by tracked courier (the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email).

Once received we will test, rebuild and return your i-Shift clutch actuator with an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty. (if your unit turns out not to be faulty then we will refund your payment less a small testing fee and return shipping)


What if I don’t want to pay up front?

This is not a problem, if you prefer this option then follow the following steps:

Fill in and submit this test form.

Print the booking confirmation email.

Package the Honda Civic clutch actuator inside a sturdy box with plenty of packaging material (make sure you include your confirmation email in the box).

Send us your package by tracked courier (the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email).

Once received, we will test your actuator and call you to advise on the outcome of testing, if your unit is faulty and you choose to go ahead with the rebuild then we will take payment over the phone using a debit/credit card.

We will then rebuild your Honda clutch actuator and return it to you with an unlimited mileage warranty.

If you require further information regarding this Honda Civic clutch actuator, then please contact us.

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Comments on "Honda Civic semi-automatic transmission problems caused by faulty clutch actuator."
murshed says: 20/11/2023 11:04:34
Good morning, My name is Murshed. I have got a Honda Civic. I am getting Intermittence Start/Stop issue. When Car does not start, 0 flushes on the dashboard. AA and RAC, both confirmed that it gets P0810 "Clutch Operation Problem" fault code. This is a semi-automatic car. Car is running now, but within 1 week it happened twice. Can you Kindly advice me the correct part or service I need please? Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.
ECU Admin says: 22/11/2023 09:49:23
Hi Murshed, looks like you have an issue with the clutch actuator, we can resolve this for you
Jord says: 17/07/2023 00:34:17
Hi, currently having issues with a 1.8 Civic 2007 registration. It shows fault codes P0909 and P0919. Car selects gears fine but acceleration seems to be all or nothing. Pressing the throttle pedal lightly doesn't rev the car, pressing it further makes the car lurch forward erratically. Occasionally it will drive normally but for the most part it does this erratic behaviour. Is it probable that the clutch actuator is at fault? Thanks
ECU Admin says: 17/07/2023 09:47:16
Hi Jord, reads like you could well be experiencing a faulty unit. Pop it over for us to take a look for you
AD HAM says: 17/08/2022 15:26:54
Hi there I Have Honda Civic 2010 Semi-auto. 1.4 there is problem in gear box. I am not sure if Actuator fault or not. but the mechanic said almost the problem with actuator and if its so you almost will scraping the car!!!
ECU Admin says: 18/08/2022 09:31:43
Hi, if it’s an actuator problem, we can save your car from the scrap yard. Get in touch with our team at contact us
Lima says: 05/05/2022 09:05:47
I have the ishift issues, its stuck in neutral without N sign flashing and cant move gears, warning lights gearboxes its turn on. Please help me out, btw i live in indonesia.
ECU Admin says: 05/05/2022 09:33:47
Hi we offer world wide service, to get started just complete our Test Form
Lamar says: 23/03/2022 13:35:07
I live in Jamaica and have the same issue. Please help out
ECU Admin says: 28/03/2022 11:36:06
We can certainly help you with that. To get started just complete our online test form:
Kostas says: 13/12/2021 22:05:58
Hi there, I do have a Honda civic on 06 plate and would like to get the actuator rebuild. Regarding the part nr. only the bottom nr. is the same. Would you still be able to do it? Part nr is 1NRPJ-L068H2N50A 22880-RPJ-L040-M1 This is urgent, waiting for your reply. Thank you
ECU Admin says: 15/12/2021 09:58:07
Hi we can certainly have a look at that for you. To get started complete our test form:
Chidi says: 21/07/2021 19:00:00
I need a quote on cost to rebuild actuator for my Honda civi ex 2007 please ?
ECU Admin says: 22/07/2021 09:25:18
Hi Chidi, for prices and shipping information please select your part number above or from the following list:
Shahid Uddin says: 02/07/2021 15:36:15
Hi, I wanted to know how much it would cost to make this repair. Also is it easy for me to take out the component and post it to you
ECU Admin says: 05/07/2021 10:16:41
Hi Shahid. We recommend that the removal work is undertaken by trained professionals, for prices and shipping information please select your part number above
John Wahrmann says: 02/06/2020 11:28:52
Im having the symptoms of a faulty clutch actuator. I have a 2009 honda civic semiautomatic. Im in Jamaica. Your services sounds wonderful. Please help out
ECU Admin says: 03/06/2020 09:15:55
Hi John, we can certainly help with your Honda Civic clutch actuator and we offer worldwide shipping.
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