BMW ABS Pump ECU Module

BMW ABS fault

BMW E39 ABS Pump Module ECU / Bosch 5.7 & 5.3


Fitted most commonly to the BMW 5 Series E39 this ABS module is a very common failure indeed. The problem usually starts as an intermittent fault and then becomes more permanent over time, it will normally display the ABS warning light on the dash and when the fault codes are read there will be fault codes that blame the wheel speed sensors (usually the rear right sensor) this may also cause you to lose the speedo completely.


The module can be removed by unscrewing the six torx screws that hold it in place on the side of the ABS pump hydro unit, this is a very simple job as the pump is located in easy reach on the right inner wing under the bonnet.


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Common Failure symptoms:

  • Loss of speedo
  • ABS warning light
  • Traction control warning light


Common fault codes:

  • 31 - Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor
  • 30 - Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor
  • 33 - Front Left Wheel Speed Sensor


Affected Vehicles:

BMW 5 Series including:

  • 520i
  • 523i
  • 528i
  • 530d
  • 525i


Common failing part numbers:

  • 0265 223 001 
  • 0265 900 001
  • 0265 950 067
  • 0265 950 002
  • 0265 950 006

 ABS fault no speedo5 Series ABS fault

We have stock of most of the common part numbers and we can rebuild your own unit within 3-5 working days if we do not have the one you need in stock. We can normally deliver within 1 - 2 working days when we have stock.


We give a Lifetime warranty* with all of our units


For more info or to Buy Now, please see: BMW 5 Series ABS modules


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Comments on "BMW ABS Pump ECU Module"
Trevor Killick says: 31/5/2022 11:07:07 PM
I have the 'trifecta' of brake fault code lights on the dash (2001 530d), which come on once 30mph is reached. After that it's ABS with every brake application which gets tiresome... I DON'T have the speedo issue or wheel speed sensor codes though, only the Pressure-related code. Is this still a failed ABS Module possibility ? Thanks.
ECU Admin says: 7/6/2022 10:51:47 AM
Hi, we have certainly seen this type of module cause and store faults for brake pressure sensor, which is often caused by a fault within the module
dave layton says: 18/4/2021 9:11:18 PM
0265234095 x5 abs module 2006 have no brake fluid going through module. No fault codes, no warning lights on. Is this a common fault on this module? Can u repair?
ECU Admin says: 19/4/2021 9:32:14 AM
Hi Dave, please see the following page for common issues and costings for your part number:
Michael Voss says: 27/8/2019 5:48:35 AM
Hello I have a bmw750li 2006 in the mornings when it's cold it runs great soon as it heats up abs the control module everything shuts down my tachometer jumps up and down completely shuts off my Speedo acts funny my transmission default mode comes on and I lose my Dynamic Drive
ECU Admin says: 27/8/2019 10:23:45 AM
Hi Michael, we can test your ABS pump and module for you, just select your part number from the following link:
Roland Camarillas says: 4/8/2019 11:40:40 AM
Hi Mine is 525i bmw and i have code 32 for front rh wheel speed sensor. I already replace the speed sensor and fault lights still stays on the dash. Do another scan and it shows code 95 and says CAN network failed. I checked the circuit integrity for that frnt rh sensor to the module and its ok. Would be a faulty module. Im at Western Australia and want to fix this module. How much would it cost and how long. Thanks
ECU Admin says: 5/8/2019 9:44:37 AM
Hi Roland, we can certainly offer to test your ABS with a view to rebuild. Please select your part number from the following link for prices and shipping information:
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