Audi A3 ABS Pump Module

Audi A3 ABS Pump Module

This ABS Pump is a very common failure for the Audi A3 built between 2004 - 2014. The fault causes the ESP light to illuminate permanently on the instrument cluster & the ESP OFF switch will also be illuminated. Th problem may start out as an intermittent failure, but will become permanent if not resolved early.

If you have been for a diagnostic check on your Audi A3 then your mechanic will probably have told you that your have a fault with your “Brake Pressure sensor” or given you the full fault code of: “01435 Brake Pressure Sensor 1 (G201)” and will probably have told you that you must change your ABS Pump Module.


A new unit from the manufacturer is very expensive, will require additional labour for programming and you only get a 1 year warranty. Thankfully there is a cost effective alternative; we are able to rebuild your own unit within 2-3 working days for a fraction of the price of a new unit and provide an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty.

All original programming is retained during the rebuild, so no need for re-coding once the rebuild is complete. Simply refit, bleed the brakes and away you go.

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Testing and Rebuild.

When we rebuild your ABS pump we not only correct the problem but the materials and processes we use will reinforce your ABS pump module to prevent the fault from ever reoccurring. We fully test every ABS unit on our purpose built HIL (Hardware-In-The-Loop) test rig before rebuilding, this allows us to confirm your initial diagnosis, you unit is then fully rebuild using higher rated than standard components. The unit is then retested to ensure that it meets or exceeds the original specifications.


Common failure symptoms:

Common Fault code: 

  • 01435 - Brake Pressure Sensor 1 (G201)


(This is just a small list of common part numbers, we cover the entire range of ATE MK60 ABS ASC Pump modules. If your part number has a different letter at the end we can still rebuild it).

How do I get my unit rebuilt?

Select you part number from the list of part numbers above: 

Or choose your ABS from the following Audi A3 ABS part list and select 'Get Yours Rebuilt'.

Print the payment/booking confirmation email.

Package the ABS pump and module inside a sturdy box with plenty of packaging material (make sure you include your confirmation email in the box).

Send us your package by tracked courier (the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email).

Once received we will test, rebuild and return your ABS unit with an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty. (if your unit turns out not to be faulty then we will refund your payment less a small testing fee and return shipping)


What if I don’t want to pay up front?

This is not a problem, if you prefer this option then follow the following steps:

Fill in and submit this test form.

Print the booking confirmation email.

Package the Audi A3 ABS pump and module inside a sturdy box with plenty of packaging material (make sure you include your confirmation email in the box).

Send us your package by tracked courier (the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email).

Once received, we will test your ABS and call you to advise on the outcome of testing, if your unit is faulty and you choose to go ahead with the rebuild then we will take payment over the phone using a debit/credit card.

We will then rebuild your ABS pump and module and return it to you with an unlimited mileage warranty.

If you require further information regarding this Audi A3 ABS pump and module then please contact us.

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Comments on "Audi A3 ABS Pump Module"
Edoo says: 08/01/2024 20:30:46
Hi am looking for abs pump part num 1KO614517BJ
ECU Admin says: 12/01/2024 17:13:27
Mike says: 26/02/2023 11:44:26
Hello, i have an abs pump from and audi a3, part number 1k0907379ac. brake pressure sensor fault 01435. can i have a costing on repair please?
ECU Admin says: 28/02/2023 09:58:20
Hi Mike, no worries just search your part number in the search box above or click the following link:
Stuart Lally says: 04/07/2021 13:41:50
My mechanic says the abs pump in my Audi A3 (2008) needs to be changed. I have 3 questions. Can I take out the abs pump myself or do I need a mechanic to do it? Can I drive the car without the pump until it is fixed? How long before the pump will be sent back to me? Thanks, Stuart.
ECU Admin says: 05/07/2021 10:04:38
Hi Stuart. We recommend that the work is undertaken by trained professionals, you will not be able to drive the vehicle with the ABS disconnected. Our current turnaround time is 2-3 working days
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