Vauxhall Astra, Zafira, Meriva ECU fault (MT35E)

This ECU is a very common failure for Vauxhall Astra, Zafira, Meriva 1.6 litre built between 2005 – 2013 with the following engine codes: Z16XEP, Z16XER & Z16XE1.

Vauxhall Astra Zaphira Meriva Engine ECU

ECU system type:
MT35E 2.1
MT35E 2.3

Common failure symptoms:
The most common fault symptom resulting from failure of this ECU is that the engine will cut out and fail to restart once the engine has reached operating temperature or after prolonged driving. If you have your vehicle diagnosed then you may also get the following fault codes stored within the ECU:

Common fault codes:
P1600 – Replace Electronic Control Unit (ECU).
(You may also get fault codes for engine misfire or injector/coil circuit faults).

Common failing part numbers:

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Technical update 21/11/2014:

If you have all or most of the following fault codes stored, then the battery voltage should be checked during cranking, if the battery voltage drops below 8 volts then the Battery and starter motor should be checked/replaced. Also the body control module (on left side of engine compartment) should be removed from its connection cradle and check for connection problems underneath. Only after this has been checked should the engine ECU be considered as a possible cause of these fault codes.

P0201- Injector circuit 1
P0202- Injector circuit 2
P0203- Injector circuit 3
P0204- Injector circuit 4
P1600- Replace electronic control module
U2103- CAN BUS circuit malfunction no communication with can bus
U2104- CAN BUS reset counter overrun
U2108- Anti lock brake system no communication with CAN BUS
U2139- CAN BUS no communication with steering column module

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