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ABS Pump Modules

ABS pumps, ABS modules and ABS ECU's, we test rebuild and supply most types of automotive ECU units, common faults cause the ABS or ESP light to remain on...

Throttle Bodies

A faulty throttle body can cause stalling cutting out and general rough running, we can test & repair most types of throttle bodies for most vehicles...


Dashboard instrument clusters are common to fail for all makes and models of vehicle, common symptoms include; incorrect reading guages, LCD failure or complete loss of display...

Electric Power Steering

Electric power steering columns are now used in most vehicle applications, the new generation of electric steering column are prone to frequent failure...

Gearbox ECU's

Automatic transmission ECU's are used in all modern gearbox systems and can cause frequent problems causing the gearbox to default to limp mode or event prevent the vehicle engaging gears...

Rating 5
Astra 1.8 16v 2000 ecu repair 5/5

Excellent service, I was updated throughout the process. Very helpful and polite. I would advise to talk to someone before you send in your ecu to be repaired as i had to send the key reader and key also just incase which i didnt know before. Fast turn around 3 days back to my door all repaired. After fitting things back and plugging in,car is so much better, driven to scotland and back the week after with no problems what so ever. Thankyou!

Perfect 5/5

Fast and correct.

Awesome service 5/5

Great service, answered phone within a few rings everytime called, knew all answers to my questions and made very clear what i needed to do next. Will definately use again.