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Renault Megane Scenic Instrument Cluster Dash Dashboard

Renault Megane Scenic Dash/Dashboard Instrument Cluster


We are currently rebuilding customers own units with a Lifetime warranty*, this is a very common failure for the Renault Scenic instrument cluster - the problem normally starts out as being intermittent normally the back lighting will fail when the car has been driven for a while and then will reappear after a few minutes but then the fault always becomes more permanent with time. These instrument clusters cost a fortune from the main dealer and they only give a 6 month warranty - we give a Lifetime warranty* for the fraction of the price so you really are getting a very good bargain here.


Common Design Flaw:

These Scenic instrument clusters where all produced with a common design flaw, causing the dash to fail so early in its life.
During the rebuild of your unit we re-design this flaw and replace all low rated components with much higher rated than standard components, this allows the VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) to draw less current and produce far less thermal radiation - thus greatly extending the overall life of your dash.


Common Failure symptoms:

Display flickers and/or dash goes off all together
Mileage starts to clock upwards
Volume control failure
Time and trip resetting randomly


Common Failing Part Numbers:

  • P8200451505A
  • P8200107954A
  • P8200365607E
  • P8200332353C
  • P8200365608D
  • P8200365607B
  • P8200365608E
  • P8200365607D
  • P8200461294H


Lifetime unlimited mileage


Removal instructions:

Remove the black plastic trim from around the instrument cluster - this can be removed by inserting a flat-blade screw driver under the edge of the trim, now remove the two multi plugs on the top edge of the instrument cluster by unclipping the hinged lock over the top of the multi-plugs. Remove the two torx-20 screws from either side of the instrument cluster and pull out the cluster from the dash.


If you would like to have your own unit rebuilt, then you have two options regarding payment:

Pay in advance:

This option will allow you to pay for the rebuild in advance of the unit arriving with us, this is the faster option as we will not need to contact you once your unit has been tested, we will just go ahead with the rebuild if it is faulty and then send it straight back to you. To pay in advance for this service please go to our Scenic instrument cluster product page and select the 'Get Yours Rebuilt' option. 

Pay after testing:

With this option, we will contact you for payment after we have received and fully tested your unit. Then we will contact you with the results of the testing and if it is faulty you can then decide if you want us to go ahead with the rebuild or not, it is at this point you would need to pay. This option is a little slower but gives you greater control over whether you want the unit rebuilding or not once it has been tested. If you prefer this option, then please fill in this test form and we will immediately email you with full shipping instructions. 

If you require further information regarding this instrument cluster, then please contact us.