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Nissan Common Throttle Body Failures

Nissan Micra K12 Electric Power Steering Column fault.

This is a very comoon problem for the Nissan Micra K12, usualy the fault will cause the steering to fail intermittently

Micra 1.0L & 1.3L 1993 - 97 - problem with idle speed and hesitations

Very common fault with the Nissan Micra, normaly the micra management systems are very reliable appart from the throttle body / air mass meter. Most micra’s will suffer from problems with the air mass meter in the cars lifetime -- symptoms include poor idle, stalling, high emissions and hesitation problems.these units are fully reconditioned and come with an unlimited mileage 3 year warranty. For more information:Nissan Micra Throttle bodies

Nissan Micra Throttle body (Bosch type) year 2000 onwards

Very common problem with the Nissan Micra year 2000 onwards, causes power loss and sometimes stalling or revving problems. Nissan moved on to using the bosch type throttle body for the later Micra’s in an effort to get rid of the problems they had with the older style throttle body used on the earlier K11 Micra, but it seems they have made the problem worse as the Bosch versions seems to be failing more often than the old version did. We can supply these throttle bodies from stock with Lifetime warranty*.


Nissan, all models 1993 - 2004 onwards

Emissions Failures -

High CO & low lamna reading. common causes of rich running faults are the lamna sensor or the ECU (engine control unit) both of these parts are relatively simple to check, to check the sensor strip back the insulation on the signal wire from the lamna sensor, this wire is usually black. Then hold the bare wire between your finger and thumb then touch your other hand on to the battery positive the internal resistance of your body will give 1volt at your finger tips which is what the sensor would give out when the engine runs rich, if the emissions come down then you have a faulty lamna sensor or wiring but if the emissions remain the same then the ECU is a possible fault. For more information on ECU testing click on ECU