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A-Class Automatic Gearbox ECU

Mercedes A-Class Automatic gearbox ECU problem
FTC control unit fault


This is a common problem for all Mercedes A-Class vehicles built after 1998 with FTC automatic transmission, this will cause the “F” light to appear on the dash and the gears will feel as though they are “banging” in to place. The fault will usually be intermittent but will become permanent if left for long enough. A new unit from the main dealer will cost over nine hundred pounds plus fitting, we can rebuild your own unit and provide a lifetime warranty*.

Fault codes:
The fault is usually a solenoid valve fault code.

Part number location:

Common failing part numbers:
(this is just a small list of common failing part numbers, if you do not see your part number here then we should still be able to rebuild it as we cover the entire range).

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