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Ford Mondeo TDCI Turbo Actuator problem

Ford Mondeo TDCI Turbo Actuator problem
Fault codes: P132A, P132B
This actuator is a very common problem for the Ford Mondeo III Built between 2000 and 2007. The fault causes the Glow plug light to flash and the engine to go in to “limp mode” the problem normally starts out as an intermittent fault but then becomes more permanent. If you have taken your car into your local garage to get it diagnosed then they will probably have found the following fault codes “P132A and/or P132B”. These fault codes normally come up as an “unknown” on your mechanics scanner, but they relate to the turbo actuator directly.

These Actuators control the wastegate on your turbo and are not available separately from the main dealer, you have to buy the complete turbo for a small fortune.

We can rebuild your own turbo actuator and/or supply replacement units from stock when available both options come with an unlimited mileage Lifetime Warranty*

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