Common fault with key coding

Fiat Engine ECU Key Coding

Fiat lost red key problem or unable to recode coded keys/ECU

This is a very common problem among fiat owners the main problem being that most fiat owners do not still have there red master key, so when the battery goes flat for any length of time the key code will be erased from the ECU memory and the engine will refuse to start. When this happens they are usually told by there Fiat main dealer that they have to pay over £900+ for new keys, ECU, code box, locks and labour for coding it all in.

We now have the solution for this problem, we can supply from stock decoded “free running” ECU’s that will work without the need for coding in a red master key

These units are available from £175
Call 01773 535638 for availability (please have your ECU’s part number ready when you call)

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