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Part Numbers:
VM No: A0034462410


Vehicle Details:
Make: MERCEDES, Model: B-CLASS, Engine Size: 1.5 - 2.0 , Spec: CDI SE CVT, Year: 2005 - 2012

Common Faults:
This Mercedes B-Class transmission ECU (CVT transmission) will cause issues such as reduced power, the vehicle pulling away in the incorrect gear, the feeling of clutch slip whilst selecting gears especially on pulling off from standing and the transmission warning light to become illuminated. Common fault codes include: 0793 - Secondary RPM sensor, 0722 - Output RPM sensor and 0896 - Impermissible adjustment of the step - down ratio in the CVT transmission. WARNING! If you are sending your transmission module to be tested/repaired then please make sure you only send the plastic module. DO NOT send it still attached to the metal valve chest as this will destroy the module during transit.

If I purchase this will it cure my fault?
Lifetime Warranty*, unlimited mileage


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Re service received Re service received 5/5

A big thank you to all. The service and repair you recently completed for me is second to none. The way I was kept informed was great. Why can other companies not do this. Yes, I had to wait a few day,s but fully understand what happens when a company is busy. Well worth it. I shall certainly recommend you. Well done and thanks again. Excellent. Best regards, Kelvin Llewellyn

Wonderful job on my ecu for mercedes Class A Wonderful job on my ecu for mercedes Class A 5/5

I am really happy with your job, the part has been repaired in time as scheduled and I have put it in place and my car is as new ... Really great job, I would kighly recommand your company... Just one remark, do not recommand UPS for the clients located in France, I have scheduled three appointments but they never came to pick up the parcel ! French Chronopost is much quicker and as rapid for 100 € less ....

Efficient and quick service - ECU back working as well as ever Efficient and quick service - ECU back working as well as ever 5/5

A first class service. Mercedes would have me believe that the ECU unit would have to come from them at a cost of £900 + fitting and that it could only work in my car. ECU Testing fixed it for about £220 including VAT, my local Mercedes guy took it out and put it back in for about £350, so the saving was massive. Since it has been fixed, there have been no problems at all. The gearbox is working as well as it ever has been.

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