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Part Numbers:
VM No: 4M5T-10849-DM / 4MT10849DM / 3M5F-10A855-A / 3M5F10A855A / 3M5F-10841-A / 3M5F10841A / 3M5T10849HJ / 3M5T-10849-HJ / 8V4T10849KE / 8V4T-10849-KE / 4M5T10849BK / 4M5T-10849-BK / 4M5T10849BL / 4M5T-10849-BL / 8V4T10849HH / 8V4T-10849-HH / 4M5T10849KR / 4M5T-10849-KR / 7M5T10849FB / 7M5T-10849-FB / 4U7T10849KS / 4U7T-10849-KS / 4M5T10849FN / 4M5T-10849-FN / 4M5T10849DM / 4M5T-10849-DM

OEM No: 4M5T10849KM / 4M5T-1049-KM / 8V4T10849HF / 8V4T-10849-HF / 8V4T10849FE / 8V4T-10849-FE / 9C1T10849DB / 9C1T-10849-DB / 21678068 / 6S6T10849HE / 6S6T-10849-HE / 3M5T10849DJ / 3M5T-10849-DJ / 4M5T10849BM / 4M5T-10849-BM / VP8V4F10849HH / VP8V4F-10849-HH / 4M5T10849BJ / 4M5T-10849-BJ / 4M5T10849FP / 4M5T-10849-FP / 4M5T10849BM / 4M5T-10849-BM / 4M5T10849FM / 4M5T-10849-FM

Vehicle Details:
Make: FORD, Model: FOCUS, Engine Size: 1.2 - 2.0 , Spec: TDCi, Year: 2004 - 2011

Common Faults:
Common failing instrument cluster for the Ford Focus, common symptoms include intermittent engine cutting out and non-starting, intermittent failing gauges with mileage display only showing dashes (----). Common fault codes include: "P1260-61-PCM-Theft Detected", "U0155-61-PCM-Communication failure". If you are ordering a replacement unit then please call us first as there are several different LCD, facia and button configurations for this type of unit.

If I purchase this will it cure my fault?
Lifetime Warranty*, unlimited mileage


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quick turnabout,recommend *** quick turnabout,recommend *** 5/5

Quick turnaround no problems, recommend A****

What a service What a service 5/5

Really thought that we would have to scrap our Ford Focus due to the intermittent fault with the engine management system until the gut from GEM breakdown service pointed us in the direction of ECU Testing; 7 days later the car is a good a new, thank you.

Excellent Service Excellent Service 5/5

Kept up to date from start to finish. I would definietly recommend ECU Testing to mates in the trade

Beyond Reproach Beyond Reproach 5/5

Although an apparently common fault, my local dealership offered to replace the dashboard cluster for £890. (Similar to the market value of the car). ECU received the dashboard and returned it by courier three days later with a lifetime warranty. Every few hours (it seemed) an e-mail informed me of exactly what was happening. It took 5 minutes to put back and cost me less than £140, including sending it special delivery to ECU. Outstanding!

Components fixed in good time and at a competitive price Components fixed in good time and at a competitive price 5/5

ECU Testing fixed the part (1point) They did so in good time, total turnaround was 5 working days. (2 points) Their pricing was competitive and far better than the local dealership. ( 1 point). Communication throughout was clear, including what stage of their process the part was in, and when they expected it to be done (1 point). No reasons not to recommend

Dashboard repair Dashboard repair 5/5

2nd time I have used your service for repairs always a good service

Like a new car! Like a new car! 5/5

Quick and simple process with first class results. My ford has never run so well.

dash pod dash pod 5/5

found to be very helpful and efficient . would use again

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