BMW X5 (E53) 3.0 ECU fault

Common problem causing engine start failure

This BMW X5 3.0D engine ECU is a very common problem causing complete non start of the engine, normally the fault will begin as intermittent with the engine not starting every now and again. Sometimes cycling the ignition on and off will correct the problem temporarily.

However the fault always returns with time and gets progressively worse until the engine will not start at all, when the ECU fails you will notice that the engine management light will no longer illuminate on the instrument cluster – and if you are trying to communicate with the ECU to diagnose the problem you will also notice that it does not communicate with your scanner. 

We are able to rebuild your own BMW X5 ECU or supply a replacement unit from stock when available.



Common part numbers:
DDEE7 794 626
13 61 7 794 626
0 281 011 414

More info / Buy Now:
0281011414 - BMW X5 3.0D ECU

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