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Mercedes A-Class GRM Gear Lever

Mercedes A-Class GRM (Gear Recognition Module) Gear Lever

This is a very common problem for the Mercedes A-Class (A168) A140, A160 & A190 with automatic transmission, the fault will cause the “F” light to appear on the instrument cluster and a jerky or clunky gear change. The fault will normally be intermittent but if it is left for a long period then it will become permanent.

We can rebuild your own GRM module (gear lever) and supply a Lifetime Warranty*, All parts and processes used to rebuild your gear lever module will be of a higher specification than that of the original design so you can be sure that your unit will not fail again once it has been rebuilt.


Common Fault codes that indicate a possible fault with your gear lever module:
P1709 - Park/Neutral Position Switch
P2031 - no signal or error signal from N15/5 (electronic shift lever mode controller)
P2210 - Selector lever coding is invalid
P2211 - The selector lever is in an intermediate position
P2212 - The selector lever position is implausible
P2318 - Fault in CAN communication with control unit N15/5 (electronic selector lever module control module)
P2318 - One or more messages from control unit N15/5(electronic selector lever module control module
P2333 - The CAN signal from control module N15/5
P2338 - The CAN signal from control module N15/5
P2338 - The CAN signals sent from control unit N15/5
P240C - The CAN signal for the selector lever position from component N15/5

We will need your GRM (Gear Recognition Module) for approximately 2 - 3 working days to complete the full rebuild (times may vary depending on current workload & demand). If you would like to arrange for your unit to be tested and rebuilt then please fill in this test form.

For further advice please contact us.