Our Core Buying Scheme

All our products are remanufactured from ‘core’ units (faulty units that would otherwise be thrown away), we purchase these core units from core dealers and distributors on a global scale. However not all core units make it into the hands of core dealers, instead they are thrown away and find their way into landfill sites.

"Remanufacturing is the ultimate form of recycling!"

When a car part is remanufactured, the energy and C02 expended to manufacture the original part is mostly re-harvested, with a lot of effort, research and technical know-how these parts are brought back to their original condition, often even better than the original condition. Unlike standard recycling that calls for the energy intensive melting down of the original material to be reused in the process of manufacturing another, remanufacturing does not require this ‘melting down’ step, instead we rebuild, reprogram and reuse the original material, saving energy and excess impact on the environment, therefore remanufacturing is the ultimate form of recycling!

We are currently purchasing the core units listed below:

Please note: If you have purchased a remanufactured unit from us then your old core unit will need to be returned under the terms of the exchange agreement i.e. You will not be able to sell it back to us here.