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Repair on faulty dashboard. Repair on faulty dashboard. 5/5

I am very pleased with the repair to my vehicle. From the start to finish took 1 week. The staff were very professional and knowledgeable when on the phone. I highly recommend this company.

Renault Scenic Dashboard Instrument Panel Renault Scenic Dashboard Instrument Panel 5/5

I got into contact with ECU from the internet and sent my instrument panel to them by post and within a week had it working again after it had gone dead. I had earlier on contacted my renault dealer who wanted to replace it with a new one costing loads of money. ECU fixed my dead dashboard back into life for a fraction of the cost of a new one. They sent it back to me by courier and its working perfect. Very reliable company. Very professional.

Rebuild of Renault Scenic 11 - 2004 Dashboard Cluster Rebuild of Renault Scenic 11 - 2004 Dashboard Cluster 4/5

The rebuild and turnaround service was superb ! However a minor grievance was the mileage reading had to be re-entered after the rebuild and despite me giving the exact reading 10,000 miles were added. Hardly a point to mark ECU Testing down on, however it's a 'not listening' irritation that could have been easily avoided, hence only a 4 star rating.


Have to say the service and support absolutely brilliant. We will recommend and definitely use again. Thank You and Regards Kevin Kenny (md KSL)