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Part Numbers:
VM No: 03C906056BA / 03C 906 056 BA

OEM No: 0261S02070 / 0 261 S02 070

Vehicle Details:
Make: VOLKSWAGEN, Model: GOLF, Engine Size: 1.6 , Spec: FSI, Year: 2003 - 2004

Common Faults:
The Bosch engine ECU for Volkswagen Golf FSI can cause running issues such as cutting out after start, power loss and lack of throttle response and even complete non-start problems. Often this ECU will have communication loss to diagnostic tools, on other occasions fault codes P0221 - angle sensor 2 for throttle (g188) implausible signal and P1579 - throttle actuator (i338) adaption not started may be logged.

If I purchase this will it cure my fault?
Lifetime Warranty*, unlimited mileage


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Highly recommended. Highly recommended. 5/5

Sent my ECU to get checked and repaired. They went above and beyond, repaired it and sent it on the same day, and received it the next day. They completely cleaned the whole unit and even made a special cover for it so water could not damage it again, of course i plugged it back in, worked perfectly, did not need to program or anything.

disappointing disappointing 1/5

Sent engine ecu for test/repair as I was convinced the unit was faulty.The unit was found to be faulty and repaired and we were charged over £300.However on fitting the unit to vehicle,the fault was still apparent(one of the pins in the ecu wiring harness was intermittently making a poor connection with the corresponding pin on the ecu).I repaired the pin In the harness and this cured the fault.So I was charged for a repair that wasn't necessary.

Product Code:EEMS02070