VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1.4 - 1.9 DSG ECU (DSG GEARBOX) - Part No: 0AM927769D / 0AM325025

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Part Numbers:
VM No: 0AM927769D / 0AM 927 769 D / DSG 7 (0AM) DQ200

OEM No: 0AM325025 / 0AM 325 025 / 0AM325025D / 0AM325025H / 0AM325065 / 0AM325065N / 0AM325025J / 0AM927769G

Vehicle Details:
Make: VOLKSWAGEN, Model: GOLF, Engine Size: 1.4 - 1.9 , Spec: DSG, Year: 2003 - 2016

Common Faults:
This VW Golf DSG 7 gearbox controller is a very common failure that affects vehicles built between 2003 and 2016. Failure of this DSG 7 unit will cause a loss of drive and/or failure to change through gears. This will also cause the EPC light to illuminate and the gear symbol to flash on the instrument cluster. You may also notice that the main 30-amp fuse blows causing a complete loss of communication with the gearbox system when performing a diagnostic check. If you are able to communicate with the gearbox system, then you will likely see one or all of the following fault codes store: "005636 / P1604 - Internal Control Module", 16946 / P0562 / 001378 - System Voltage Low & P189C / 006300 - Function restriction due to insufficient pressure build-up.

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Lifetime Warranty*, unlimited mileage


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Very good service and very good price and fast

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