VAUXHALL CORSA 1.4 ECU (ENGINE MANAGEMENT) - Part No: 12237450 / D04011

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Part Numbers:
VM No: 12237450

OEM No: D04011

Vehicle Details:
Make: VAUXHALL, Model: CORSA, Engine Size: 1.4 , Year: 2002 - 2007

Common Faults:
The Vauxhall Corsa engine ECU, Z14XEP engine between the years 2002 and 2007, can cause a multitude of issues when it fails. These include cutting out when warm and subsequent failure to re-start afterwards, loss of power at speed and idling and dropping into limp home mode. Common fault codes logged when scanned with diagnostic equipment include: P1780 - throttle position circuit, P0230 - fuel pump relay / primary (control) circuit malfunction, P1482-4 - fan relay 2 signal low - open circuit and U2105 - no communication with engine control module (diagnostic tools may fail to communicate with this ECU but other electrical systems may log this fault code). Due to the location of this ECU on the vehicle it is prone to internal damage to the delicate components by overheating. We only use quality, high end components in our rebuild that prevent future failures.

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Lifetime Warranty*, unlimited mileage


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Corsa 1.4 ECU Corsa 1.4 ECU 5/5

Excellent service. My ecu was repaired and delivered back to me in less than a week. Car has been fine since.

vauxhall corsa c faulty ecu 2004 vauxhall corsa c faulty ecu 2004 5/5

ECU testing is a very professional set up keeping you up dated at every step of the repair . very fast turnaround price seems a little high but when you think of the costs involved with this sort of set up . think it was very fair not many other company's can offer this sort of top quality service . Many thanks martin hale

Corsa ECU Corsa ECU 5/5

So far so good. Like they said plug and play and that's what it did. Over all very happy with there sevice and excellent communication will recommend thank you very much...


Overall very pleased with the service. Sent my soaking wet ECU off and two weeks later received a replacement. Car fired up straight away when it was plugged in, no recoding. Kept well informed through out the process. Only slight grumble was it took longer than advertised.

Corsa Engine ECU Air conditioning not working Corsa Engine ECU Air conditioning not working 5/5

Excellent ecu repair carried out to my engine ecu on my Vauxhall corsa, My air conditioning wasn't working, the engine ecu had an internal fault which was preventing the earth signal from the ecu to earth out and pull the clutch in on the air conditioning compressor! Sent it off, had it repaired quickly and sent back! plugged it back on to my car and the air conditioning works perfect now! Excellent repair, Thanks!!

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