VAUXHALL ASTRA 1.4 - 1.6 ECU (ENGINE MANAGEMENT) - Part No: 12223650 / D01004

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Part Numbers:
VM No: 12223650 / 09353479 / 12214860 / 09364499 / 12214870 / 09353489 / 09353509 / 12242030 / 09391340 / 12223610 / 12214850 / 09353459 / 12242020 / 12214880

OEM No: D01004 / D03025 / D01006 / D03023 / D01001 / D04016 / D01003 / D03024 / D04015

Vehicle Details:
Make: VAUXHALL, Model: ASTRA, Engine Size: 1.4 - 1.6 , Year: 1998 - 2006

Common Faults:
Vauxhall Astra's fitted with this ECU will often suffer with the engine cutting out when hot, multiple misfire and engine hesitation. Due to the location of this ECU, originally installed internal components will fail due to heat exposure. When scanned with diagnostic equipment fault codes can range from P1120 - accelerator pedal position sensor circuit A, P1550 - limp home mode / throttle control, P1122 accelerator pedal position sensor 2 voltage low to P0230 - fuel pump primary circuit malfunction. We offer a full test and rebuild service on these ECU's and replace internals with higher quality components to prevent future issues.

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Lifetime Warranty*, unlimited mileage


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Vauxhall Astra 1.6 ECU problem - fuel pump cut out Vauxhall Astra 1.6 ECU problem - fuel pump cut out 5/5

Engine was cutting out when hot, fault code P0230. Posted my ECU Monday, received at ECU Testing Tuesday, progress reports received by text and email each day. Unit was repaired, despatched on Thursday and delivered to my door on Friday. I refitted the unit same day, road tested, problem resolved. After a couple of days the engine was running much smoother. I have now done over 300 miles since repair and all seems well. Highly recommended.

Fantastic Service Fantastic Service 5/5

E C U Testing Offer a fantastic service. As my E C U was faulty, & showing things wrong with the engine system, that were not faulty, which caused me unnecessary expense, a mechanic friend of mine put me onto E C U testing. I had been given a price by Vauxhall for a new one which was quoted at between £500 to £ 600 . I had the unit back from E C U within 3 days with a full lifetime guarantee ( great service)

Fantastic Service Fantastic Service 5/5

The ECU in our Vauxhall had multiple errors which were only minor. Unfortunately, there was then a major issue, which was going to cost us more or less £1000+ from the Vauxhall dealer. After looking around I came across ECU Testing and they offered 2 choices. I opted to have ours repaired rather than replaced and it was a fraction of the price! Overall very happy with the service! Also so far so good - recently completed 1000 Mile Journey!

very good very good 5/5

very good

More then happy! More then happy! 4/5

I am pleased with the service. Will be a customer in the future as well. The only thing that i would make your service better, easier and basically flawless, is if you could provide shipping service with UPS or DHL etc, from the customer to you when the repairing item is sent to you. And to me that is a big thing.


very good service from begingging to end. re fit unit. NO PROBLEMS

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