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Part Numbers:
VM No: 4M5T-10849-DM / 4MT10849DM / 3M5F-10A855-A / 3M5F10A855A / 3M5F-10841-A / 3M5F10841A / 3M5T10849HJ / 3M5T-10849-HJ / 8V4T10849KE / 8V4T-10849-KE

OEM No: 012BB09C / 0127DED8 / 8V4T10849HF / 8V4T-10849-HF / 8V4T10849FE / 8V4T-10849-FE / 9C1T10849DB / 9C1T-10849-DB / 21678068

Vehicle Details:
Make: FORD, Model: C-MAX, Engine Size: 1.6 - 2.0 , Year: 2004 - 2010

Common Faults:
This Ford C-Max dashboard instrument cluster will cause intermittent non-start when it becomes faulty. When scanned with diagnostic tools common fault codes to be logged include: P1260-61 - PCM Theft Detected, U0155-61 - PCM Communication failure. Other faults include loss of gauges and LCD screen and the mileage screen showing a series of dashes (----). If you are ordering a replacement unit then please call us first as there are several different LCD, facia and button configurations for this type of unit.

If I purchase this will it cure my fault?
Lifetime Warranty*, unlimited mileage


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C Max dash pod C Max dash pod 5/5

Usual inherent dash pod fault where just about every light on the dashboard was lit. Looked like a Xmas tree !! Speed and rev needles dancing up and down, then dead needles. Intermittent starting issues. Reduced engine power due to EML being triggered. ECU Testing examined the pod and identified a fault and duly fixed it. Probably the most efficient service I have ever received. Vehicle now back on the road and so far running perfect ! Thank you

Product Code:DAC176918-A