BMW Z3 2.0 - 2.8 ABS (PUMP & ECU/MODULE COMBINED) - Part No: 34.51-1 164 896 / 10.0948-0801.3

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Part Numbers:
VM No: 34.51-1 164 896 / 34511164896 / 34.51-1 164 897 / 34.511164897

OEM No: 10.0948-0801.3 / 10094808013 / 10.0204-0061.4 / 10094808013 / 5WK8 455 / 5WK8445

Vehicle Details:
Make: BMW, Model: Z3, Engine Size: 2.0 - 2.8 , Year: 1999 - 2003

Common Faults:
BMW Z3 ABS pump and ECU malfunction will cause the ABS warning light to remain constantly illuminated. When using scan tools fault codes will be found including: 71 and 113 - pump motor. Our test and rebuild is complimented with an unlimited mile Lifetime Warranty.

If I purchase this will it cure my fault?
Lifetime Warranty*, unlimited mileage


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ECU repair for ABS-system ECU repair for ABS-system 5/5

Extremly proffessional, great service and they knew for sure what they we're talking about! Very, very satisfied, I can really recommend this company. Thank you!

Repair to ABS/ECU Repair to ABS/ECU 4/5

Very fast and efficient service, only downside a bit expensive but cheaper than a BMW replacement part and it does come with a guarantee. Pleased with the sevice

BMW Z3 2.8 ABS/ASC controller BMW Z3 2.8 ABS/ASC controller 4/5

ECUtesting reconditioned my ABS/ASC control module and everything works. There were only two days between them receiving it and me getting it back. I don't even live in the UK, so that's pretty quick. I give four instead of five stars because on the website it says that both the ABS pump and module should be removed and sent in. I knew this was not the case and The customer service confirmed this, but it is confusing.

Product Code:AMC808013